2023 Executive promotions

Wednesday February 8th, 2023, 3:49 PM

Philip Issenman, President & Owner and Fulvio Bussandri, Chief Operating Officer, are pleased to announce the following promotions to support the ongoing, dynamic growth of our company.

Gilles St Aubin, Chief Marketing Officer

Gilles joined I-D Foods as our Director of Marketing in 2006, managing the Marketing group and the company brand portfolio. In 2010, he was promoted to Vice President, and for the past three years, Procurement has been added to his responsibilities. We have expanded and solidified our list of impressive Suppliers under his leadership.

Marie-Eve Brunet: Vice President, Sales Quebec & Atlantic Canada

On December 3rd, 2007, Marie-Eve joined I-D Foods as a Marketing Assistant and eventually became a Junior & Senior Brand Manager. Having become Director of Sales three years ago, she is now responsible for leading Canada's largest sales division. In addition to ensuring excellence in sales satisfaction, she empowers her team members to build strong client relationships

Dominic Schiraldi, Vice President, Ontario Sales

He joined I-D Foods on January 4th, 2000 and led Ontario & West sales to significant growth throughout his tenure. This is a wonderful accomplishment made even more remarkable while overcoming numerous commercial challenges along the way. In 2023, Dominic will focus on four days a week, while working closely with Jason throughout the year to prepare for the handoff in January 2024. Dominic will continue to support our company on key projects in 2024.

Jason Ketis, Vice President & General Manager, Ontario

Jason began his role at I-D Foods on October 1st, 2013, as Brand/Key Account Manager for Ontario. He then added additional responsibilities as GM, of Ontario and in 2022 also added accountability for selected regional retail accounts. During 2023, he will work with Dominic to ensure a smooth transition for the 2024 sales takeover.

Roy Husch: Vice President, Western Sales, National Accounts, Calgary Operations

Since his return to I-D Foods on November 14th, 2016, as Director of Sales & Operations, West, Roy has led his Western team through a period of rapid growth. In 2021 he added the National Key Accounts group role and has led his team members through the challenges of numerous price changes this year.

Michel Lafrance: Vice President, National Operations & Logistics

Michel joined I-D Foods as our Director of Warehouse, Laval, in February 2016. He and his team have been instrumental in embracing SAP, delivering complex fulfillment requirements for our retail customers, and improving productivity while staying focused on safety.

David Abrams, Vice President I-D Foods, US, and New Business Development

​​​​​​​David joined I-D Foods in 2004. Additionally, bringing on major brands like Gogo Squeeze and Tabasco, David's responsibilities include reviewing the legal aspects of all new Supplier Distribution Agreements. David has introduced many of our I-D Brands to US customers and has made St Regis the number one non-alcoholic wine at Total Wines, the number one spirits and wine retailer in the US, as well as at Amazon.

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