Supply Chain Management

Our professional warehouse teams are structured to accommodate the ever-changing retailer shipping criteria. We strive to offer best in class service whether it be direct-to-store, warehouse, or third party logistics. Our exceptional performance indicators speak for themselves with a 98.5% fill rate and a 99.98% accuracy rate.


Operational Fulfillment

Our warehouse facilities located across the country enable us to get your product in stores and in the hands of the consumer quickly and efficiently.

The collective 400,000 square foot capacity from our Montreal, Toronto and Calgary warehouses mean we can ship your orders anywhere in Canada within hours.

As your third-party logistics partner, we can provide cost-effective and flexible solutions allowing you to focus on what you do best: make great products.

Our services include:

  • Warehousing
  • Order preparation
  • Consolidation
  • Distribution
  • Loading and unloading containers
  • Temperature controlled

We also offer specialized services for inventory management with FIFO, FEFO and LILO.


Operation Cycle

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In-Store Customized Orders

Simple, quick and efficient, our paper-free system allows us to collect customized orders. The orders are taken and sent directly from in-store to the Order Desk using our proprietary I-D Pad through live data transferring. What’s more, we can track the status of an order throughout the process in real time.

Order Desk

From the store, data transmitted via the I-D Pad is received by the Order Desk, immediately processed and forwarded to the warehouse. Your order is then shipped in a 24 to 48 hour time-frame.

Lot Tracking

We validate and compare the ordered items in inventory with the original order. Our reporting system allows us to track any product listing anywhere in Canada in real time.

Efficient Truck Routing

Our delivery routes are organized so we can deliver in 24/48 hours while being as efficient as possible anywhere across the country. Complete effectiveness at your disposal!

Direct Store Delivery and Warehouse Delivery

Having several warehouses across Canada, I-D Foods can easily ship its deliveries to warehouses or directly to stores, optimizing the speed of deliveries and shortening delays from coast-to-coast. We can ship direct to store, to warehouses, or via cross docking.